Can I get my ears repierced?

I've had my lobes done 3 times over the years, but always let it grow over because of sports and stuff. Now that I don't play anymore, I want to get them done again, but do you think they will do it? Because I have some scar tissue and I've heard that sometimes they won't be able to pierce them if you've already had it done a couple times. Could they just go through the old holes again?


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  • I can't tell you how many times I've had my ear lobes re-pierced over the years. I never had an issue piercing over the scar tissue, and there was no pain or complications.

  • I don't think you can get it done in the exact same spot, no.

  • I've had my ears pierced a few times over the years and always let them grow shut again due to infection or wrong placement. I just got my ear lobes pierced again this past weekend and they had no issues. As long as the holes are closed, you'll be fine.

    • the holes are closed but you can still see and feel an indent where they were pierced before. That will still be OK right?

    • Yeah that's how mine were. Make sure you go to a professional piercing place like a tattoo parlor and not Claire's or Piercing Pagoda or anywhere where they use a gun, you're more susceptible to infection from those.

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