What to wear to a Christmas Eve Service?

Yeah so, I have a Christmas Eve service that I'm going to tonight. Now normally when I go to church, I wear a shirt and tie and slacks. I'm kind of into fashion so I dress with thought (I make sure everything matches).

Since its Christmas eve, I was thinking of wearing red and green, but, I normally hate red and green. I think look bad together outside of Christmas. So I was thinking of wearing this mint green button down shirt, crimson red tie, and a black vest. Its evening so vest and pants would be black, but just curious if its too much color for evening time. What do y'all think

I know I'm over thinking this but there's gonna this girl I like there, and you know...


Thanks you guys ! Really appreciate it :)


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  • No I think that would look really nice :)

  • Go withvthe green and red it's vote, specially in this time


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