My brother is gay? How do I deal with this(read details to fully understand)

Ok. One day I noticed my skirt was out of place in my room.

I figured it was just me. Until...

I started thinking really hard about it.

Was my brother wearing my clothes?

Another day, he had left to go over a friends house.

I went into his documents. Looked at his pictures

and OMG.

There were pics of him in my clothes doing...well...

"Things" hopefully you get the idea.

I am not in any certain religion so I don't care that much if he is gay.

Im just pissed he is wearing my clothes.

If you were to talk to him

he sounds as straight as a sword.

Well there is this site that he goes to.

Its like all his secrets are kept there...

It has his drawings, his music.


And in one of his blogs on the site it says

"my lesbian friend gave me some socks. She gave me a pair but they are different colors!"

it said something like that





I have known that he has worn my clothes for about

3 months now.


thats all I have notice.

I feel like if I confront him about it

it will make him uncomfortable and scared who I might tell.

also. Its something that I could end up holding against him.

But if I do confront him about it

He probably would continue wearing my clothes.

I have come close to confronting him about it.

But then I try to think of what would happen afterwards.

Would this just lead to a stressful relationship with my brother

for the rest of our lives.


Where should I hide my clothes?

Should I confront him?

What will this all lead to if I keep it bottled up?

Should I keep investigating?

Should I just let it go?

Will my brother hate me?

Me and my brother are in our teens. still living at home. with parents


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  • clothes come on that's silly your mad over him taking your clothes

    so he's gay who cares it doesn't change who he is that's just his prefrence and if you don't want him wearing your clothes tell him out straight you don't or else lock your room door


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  • just tell him to stop wearing your clothes

    and then he will most likely stopp

    you don't have to go up to him and ask if he is gay or anything just tell him to stop

    eventually he will come out and say he is or isnt

  • what did you end up doing about all this?

  • Just tell him, "Hey, stop taking my clothes, please. Thank you." You don't need to walk around this like you're on eggshells. He ought to come out of the closet anyways.


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  • First of all, how old is your brother? Because the following answers can be taken differently depending on his age.

    Where should I hide my clothes? Technically, you shouldn't have to hide your clothing. But I guess if you want to keep some of your clothes YOUR's, try putting them in containers under your bed, I guess. By hiding all of your clothes, your family will likely become suspicious as to why, and start asking you questions.

    Should I confront him? If you feel your relationship with your brother can handle a bit of a blow up, then you could try confronting him. If not, then your best bet would probably be to keep quiet until something else happens. Something a little bigger than him borrowing your clothes.

    What will this all lead to if I keep it bottled up? Stress, and concern for your brother. If you have a good relationship with him, you're likely to want to make sure he's safe and happy. If you don't, you'll still be worried about him, wondering what kind of people he's hanging out with, etc..

    Should I keep investigating? Investigating further could result in you finding out aspects of your brothers life that both you and he would rather be kept secret. If I were you, I would leave it alone for now, because secrets between siblings is normal.

    Should I just let it go? If there is anyway that you can let your brother know that you're there for him, let him know. But don't pressure him to tell anyone what you've come across.

    Will my brother hate me? Depends on what path you choose. If you confront him, and don't like his answers, it could result in a falling out between the two of you. If he decides that you are trustworthy enough to tell you what's going on in his life, he'll probably use you as a safe haven, or safe place, someone he can talk to when he's confused.

  • How about you buy some things that you wouldn't wear, and keep them in one certain area of your closet. Maybe he'll just go for those!

    Ok, seriously now. You need to talk to him about it. Tell him that you don't mind him wearing girl's clothes, that you'll even buy them and store them for him, but you would like him to try to stay out of yours. And make sure that he knows you're ok with him being gay, that you'll support him. He might just be happy to have someone he doesn't have to hide it from.

  • I would say confront him. But of course, that's easier said than done. If you have a good relasionship with your brother then he'll probably admit to wearing your clothes, but you have to make sure he understands that you support him no matter what and that you won't tell anyone if he doesn't want to come out of the closet. Good luck ;) keep us updated.

  • i would let it go let your brother come out of the closet when he is ready.