To what extent can you love "a beast?"

Beauty and the beast: Belle finds true love despite his physical appearance. There's hundreds of stories of the same pattern; a beautiful woman falls in love with a physically unattractive, though kind and caring, man.

romantic love requires at least a small amount (if not a large amount) of physical attraction for your partner. However, is it REALLY possible to fall in love with someone physically unattractive?

I mean, I hope so! Some people just aren't blessed with beauty, though they are blessed with other incredible attributes that deserve to be loved and adored. But can it/does it happen?


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  • That's a very good question. I thinki it is possible to gain attraction for someone over time, because feeling positive towards someone makes them seem more appealing in your eyes. For example, my ex and I were high school sweethearts. He had been one of my closest friends since grade eight, but I wasn't attracted to him when I first met hiim. I loved his personality, because he was kind, funny, and loyal. The more and more time I spent with him, the more attractive I found him. We had a very rewarding (and physical) relationship for over a year before our breakup, and we are still good friends to this day.

    Beauty and the Beast was, luckily, nothing more than a story. Remember, he was not a human, so a physical relationship would have been out of the cards even IF she had considered him appealing (shudder). They had a platonic sort of love before he became a man, and afterward explored a physical attraction.


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  • I honestly do not know... At least us guys do tend value physical appearance over personality in most cases. It is usually looks that trigger the initial attraction you know? When people fall in love over time, one of the two usually need to work really hard for that. Or neither of the two have a lot of suitors from the get go. Not having experience the phenomena myself, it's hard to really know. This one guy I know probably could have landed a better looking girl to live with, but he's also a bit broken. And suffers from low self esteem, so I guess he felt she was his only option? But necessity is far from love...


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  • For me I see it like this. There's sometimes this strange weird chemical mutual feeling that you get towards someone. It's not exactly their looks, it's not exactly their personality, it's something that's just deeper and makes you fall for that person. Speaking from experience, I have had a few guys in my life and there were some "unattractive" ones but I still completely fell for them like head over heels crazy. Why? Because I had a certain romantic vibe for them that I just could not place my finger on. And let me just tell you one thing, I used to date a guy who was like the most hottest guy and had a ton of FB whores that spammed his FB wall and he basically had everything. 2 Years down the line, he gained a LOT of weight, his cheeks is so blown out he basically resembles a chipmunk , he cut all his hair off and he's just well completely unattractive now compared to the hot ass guy he was. His FB wall has no visitors anymore, no more comments on his photos and no more interested girls in him. So looks can only bring you that far. That beautiful girl could change easily, a hot guy can change easily. Things happen. Just cause one person is the definition of hot nowadays does not mean they will still be in a year.

  • Have you ever noticed it's never the other way around? It's never a physically attractive guy with a ugly ass girl, she always gets a make over first if that's the case... F***ed up sh*t.

    • thats not true... a walk to remeber I think its called. there's plenty but I'm not much or rom movie person

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    • She's not ugly, she's just fat.

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