The awkward weight comment?

I used to have eating issues and was really thin when I was younger 15-17 ish, and then after high school I gained weight and now I lost some of it but I'm still bigger than I used to be.. and I think I always will be since I am eating food now. But it still hurts when friends/people you randomly saw make a comment like "you gained a little bit of weight" ... ugh. How do you deal with this? It makes me feel awful


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  • they don't mean it in a bad way, they are just commenting that you have gained a bit of weight. if you had eating issues back then more than likely you were alarmingly thin, and the recent weight gain has you looking good! but it is a thoughtless thing for them to say because they aren't thinking how you take it. just brush it off and try not to let it bother u. they aren't saying you're fat


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  • Yoou're too young to put up with extra weight. Lose it--diet,exercise--and you won't get these comments! Believe it or night, people are trying to help you by telling you that you've put on a little 'too much' weight, and you should do something about it. It's not the most tactful approach, but these people mean well.

    • no one said too much? and I'm not fat, I'm just bigger than I used to be, thanks though, I'll see if I can go not eat again.

  • You can reply with, "wow, you got older looking". Nobody likes that one.

    Or read "Fit for Life" by Harvey Diamond if you want to learn and easy way to lose weight.


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