If you were this kind of guy, what would you think about this kind of girl?

So there is this guy I like and whenever we see each other, we flirt a lot and go out of your way to talk to each other. He is pretty nerdy. However, I have noticed him dressing better now that we have been more open with our little flirtation. He wears nice jeans or other pants with sweaters. He looks nice and he wears his clothing well.

On the other hand, I typically dress really nice. Occasionally I dress down in hoodies and tank tops with jeans and sneakers. However, I usually wear nice tops (I have a lot of lacy ones) with nice jeans and nice shoes. I spend a lot of time coordinating my outfits. When I go out with friends to bars, I wear normal club clothes and I get lots of attention from guys, but I am not really interested in them. They aren't very genuine. However, the nerdy guy is very genuine and nice.

I think personality wise, we are a lot alike. We are both really awkward and quirky and smart. However, I think we look really different. I am completely okay with this, I was drawn to him by his personality. And his personality makes him physically attractive to me somehow. I am worried about what he thinks about the way I look.


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  • I think he probably thinks you are very hot and attractive. From the description of what you wear it sounds like you look good and he is probably thinking the same thing. It sounds like yo uand him would look mix matched with the outfits. But I think it can work. Opposites attract.


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