Girls, do you like to look nice for the confidence boost it gives you compared with other women?


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Do you fix yourself up to look the best you can because it will give you a huge confidence boost knowing you look better than the other women when you go out? It's a competitive thing among you girls to look nice?


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  • OMG - Every guy I've been with will say...just go like you are, you look fine. Then they gawk at every other woman that obviously spent a lot of time fixing up their makeup, hair and outfits. So I won't even go to Circle K without putting some key makeup and a cute outfit. No sweats for me in public. I pretty much always look better than my gf's. It's not a slam, but a lot of them just don't care and I think that's sad. Then they wonder why guys aren't attracted to them. I think guys are attracted to a girl that looks like she takes care of herself and cares about her appearance.

    I don't necessarily do it to compete with other women, but if I'm going to a party I definitely want to look hot. I want my guy's eyes on me, not every other woman there.

    • "no sweats in public for me". This makes my day

      You don't have to look like a million bucks all the time shouldn't look like you just rolled out of bed either. Best answer!

    • Thanks for the Best Answer rating!

      And styles_clash - Exactly! Thanks to you too!

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  • i don't do it to look better than my friends.. I do it for myself.. because I like my body and I looking nice.. especially if I'm trying to get a guy to notice me... but for the most part I like to do it for myself.. confidence boost when I think I look nice :)

  • i like my self I like my body I like my face. So I like to be as me as I can. whether I'm going out or studying. tho I don't do much just shower & not wear anything I'm not comfortable with. its mostly how I feel inside that affects how I look, I think.

  • Tbh, Do what I do for myself.

    I realize looking kempt is better than looking takes you further in life.

    I don't do stuff to be compared to other girls. I do it to make my life easier and to make myself happy.

    I don't dress in animal print to make guys happy.

    I don't striaghten my hair to make people to compare me to another girl.

    I don't try to be myself to get compared by people to make myself happy.

    I really don't care what others think of me. What I care about is looking sloppy and dirty..because I dislike seeing anyone in that I don't want to be a hypocrite to my own opinions.

  • I look nice for myself. I like getting dressed up/wearing makeup because it makes me feel good, not because I'm "competing" with other women.

  • Not compared to other women, just compared to myself. Even as a guy, you have to notice the difference in how you look and feel when you just roll out of bed, unshowered and when you clean yourself, put on a decent shirt and pants and brush your hair. I'm kinda sick of guys trying to turn everything women do into some kind of intense cat fight to get your personal attention.

    • Lol I did not. A girl in the other question said this is what girls do so I'm just curious about that.

  • I try to look nice for me. I'm not trying to look better than anyone else. I want everyone to look good and feel their best.

    • And if everyone doesn't look their best?

    • That's ok! I'm not going to judge.

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