Waxing, can you do it at home and will it help dark armpits?

When I shave I still have a shadow because I have really dark brown hair. Will waxing help? Can you body wax at home?

Does anyone have a product that they can recommend that you could buy at a grocery store?


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  • A grocery store? Why not a drug store?

    As far as waxing under your arm, it's kind of awkward to do. I haven't tried it because of how awkward it is. :/

    I have a similar problem and I found that aloe vera gel helps when I shave. I let it sit for a few minutes, and then shave. Makes for a closer shave. If the waxing option doesn't work out, maybe give that a try.


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  • Ahh tat is the shadow tat everyone is frustrated about including me.I don't think yu can do anything about the shadow.Bt yu can certainly wax body at home.

    Yu can try using veet waxing strips which are ready to use.!


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  • I have brown hair and used to get the shadow after shaving but then I started waxing and I never have the shadow. It's so worth it! And as a plus it takes longer to grow back than when you shave.


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