What type (style) of jeans would look good on a guy with size 14 feet?

I know slim jeans would make me look clownish, but I don't wear those anyway.


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  • Jeans that are a tad more baggy at the bottom.

    The one's that cover like half your shoe when your standing up. Sexiest jeans a guy can wear IMO.

  • If your worried about your feet, I wouldn't suggest wearing skinny jeans - go with anything that's able to go over your shoe, not that tucks in. Boot cut is good.

    • Personally, I am not worried about my feet, I hust wondered what girls think they'd like to see a guy in. I actually don't mind having size 14's, and several girls have told me they think they're kinda hot...lol.

    • Then why are you asking the question, you even said yourself slim fitting jeans would make you look "clownish". wear whatever jeans you want then.

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  • I go for somewhat baggy jeans because I'm also blessed with overly large feet, only 13EE, but still, in any slim styled jeans I'd look pretty laughable.

    On the other hand, in shorts I look great because of all the muscles, the women don't notice the big feet.

  • Boot cut will cover some shoe for sure


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