Girls how big of an impact would this have on you?

So this girl has been gone the last 8 months overseas on internship. She is returning after new years to stay in the US (permanently). Things had started up before she left, we had gone on a couple dates, kissed and one night clothes started coming off but then she stopped everything because she didn't want me to get too attached and end up hurt, she wasn't going to start a relationship before this trip.

A few months late though we were talking to each other fairly often over Facebook. It tapered off a bit at the end because I had dated another girl briefly but broke up with her a month ago and kept in contact with this girl the entire time... But all the same when I suggested we should tho a welcome home party for her she insisted I be there and wear a particular shirt of mine. After some thinking I realized its the shirt I wore when we first kissed.

Thing is when she left I weighed in at a whopping 135lbs. I was in shape but scarily thin because all I did was run. After some heavy weightlifting/bulking I'm up to 175lbs of pretty much muscle. That same shirt is skintight on me now. There aren't any recent pictures on Facebook that might give this away either.

How much of a shock do you think that'll be for this girl, and what are the odds I can pick things back up where they left off?


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  • well...if I was the girl I would be shocked in a very very very good way...if she really likes you it won't matter but the bett, the greater...Keep up and be yourself the person she come across once and not some `┬┤Iam all that now``...


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  • Who knows? Just be cool and NO PRESSURE on her. NONE!


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