Guys, I just gotta know!

okay this is really embarrising but I need to know..

i am 16 years old. and I have a 36D bra size, but I am skinny, so its not because of weight. but the problem is that they are kind of saggy, because all of a sudden they grew. so I am just wondering, is that disgusting even though I have big boobs? I just am worried guys will be so totally disgusted, but I need to know the truth.


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  • The truth. Well the truth on my part may be the opposite on another male's taste. Although I'll give it a shot.

    The truth is, are saggy boobs less attractive, yes they are less attractive.

    The truth is, are bigger boobs more attractive, sometimes yes. It depends on the day and the mood a guy may be in that particular day. Some women are the same way with us on the opposite end if you get my drift.

    If a girl has small boobs does it matter? Not really. I didn't stand to gain anything from them anyhow? That's my opinion. lol.

    As for A perfect boob size? A large B to like a 34 C maybe tops. D is a bit much. Atleast for my likeing. Then again I'm not a boobaholic either. For me as long as a girl has a nice butt I'm good to go.

    Or as long as she even has an average build I'm fine with that. Or even an average butt. Average is actually more of a turn on that super slim, super slim is just as bad as fat.

    If a girl had A cups and I loved her would it keep me from being with her and loving her? ALso would it keep me from wanting her in bed? I don't beleive so. Not at all.

    Love is bigger than all things.

    True Love is greater than that.


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  • nope not disgusting at all really. boobs are boobs and most guys are happy when they get to see a pair. so don't be ashamed that yours are larger be happy. and do what angie said get a bra that fits.

    all of my female friends are built like you, slender bodys and big breasts (all between d and dd sizes). and non of them look saggy because of the bras that they use (I know this because when you get them all together that's all they talk about, not that it bugs me and the rest of the guys =D ...) but yea just get a bra that's good for you that fits and most guys aren't gonna be disgusted with your boobs really they will be enticed by them. and I guarantee many girls are jealous of them.

  • you will be fine my friend.

    to a boob man, no. but all around d cup is not to big on how you describe yourself and of course the style of top/dress you wear.

    if they are formed well you can wear about anything you want and they would look great and are never to big. but if they hang to your belly button they would not be attractive.

    i have not seen you to judge, but how you appear to be I bet you look stunning and your D cup girls are appreciated by many no matter if they tell you or not.

    I am sure you are very pretty and have a hot body and a real man won't be shallow and love you only for your boobs. my recent girlfriend that I left in California (hispanic) had DD and they look great and they are famous for wearing low-cut tops. but she dressed to accent them.

    hoped this helped, danny

  • they aren't disgusted... they too busy drooling- what did ur momma feed you, girl? LOL

  • It's not disgusting. Just do what Angie said and you will be fine. You are kind of on the upper end of my like spectrum but a guy shouldn't have a problem with them as long as he likes you for who you are and not just your breasts.


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  • I can relate. When I was your age the same thing happened to me. It's not your boobs that the problem is. You just need to invest in a really good bra. The normal ones are not built for your body type, especially since you are of a smaller structure. Although they will be more expensive, a better bra will help you all around, with the sagginess, your posture, and help prevent future back problems. I'm not sure what area you are from, but I've heard a lot of good things about Ann's Bra Shop and I prefer Victoria Secret. Or at least go to a professional shop and get measured to know exactly what you need.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

    • Thank so much! I definitely will go get checked.

    • No problem hon. If you need more direction on this matter feel free to send me a message. I know this message was to get a guy's opinion, but I thought if I could help prevent the problem I'd throw my two cents in ;)

  • Don't worry you look hot either way!