My Jeans are Too Tight?!

So, I've been experimenting with new clothing lately. One of the new "items" I've been wearing are fitted jeans.

One of my friends keeps telling me that I should wear something a bit looser.

What do you think? link
Ah, the boots were a bit of a joke (the original purpose of the photo was not the jeans, it's a long story XD, yes, I know they look funny).


Most Helpful Girl

  • They don't seem too tight to me but I can't really tell for sure at that angle. The real question is do you like them? If you like them and feel good in them then who cares what your friend thinks. You're the one who has to wear them.

    • Eh, they're looser if I'm standing straight up. no, I like the way they feel, they're fitten enough not to rub a great deal, but not too tigh where they constrict.

      Not really for aesthetic reasons, male legs are not very attractive *cringe*.

    • I agree lol. But just because you don't like how male legs look doesn't mean that there isn't a style of jeans that will make you feel better about them.

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What Girls Said 2

  • get rid of those hideous boots and get some sneakers bro. your jeans are good, how every guys jeans should be. your friend probably wears his below his butt.

    • Well, you're right about the "below his butt" part.

      And don't worry about the boots, they weren't even mine XD

    • tell your friend to get some fitted jeans or ill come after him and give him a wedgie. that stuff is hideous, ask any female. YOUR PANTS ARE AT YOUR KNEES AND WE ARENT EVEN IN THE BEDROOM.

      / message delivered

  • Yea they seem a tad tight at your bum .. Even when you bend down, your butt shouldn't look like that :D


What Guys Said 2

  • The jeans are fine. I know baggy is in, but someday you'll be famous for starting a new tighter fitting style, like Italian guys wear.

  • Dude, the jeans are the least of your problems. The shoes and the tie dyed T are not cutting it. And I honestly mean this constructively.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention, the boots were a bit of a joke!

      And the shirt is really not tie dye, it's a normal T-shirt in the front, ha, oops!

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