I want to go back to my original blond hair!!

Hi. My hair is naturally a light blond color. Over the summer, against my parents wishes, I found a box of dark brown hair dye, and dyed my hair. I liked it. But I recently found my old long blond hair extensions, and started to miss my blond hair. The last time I dyed my hair was 2 months ago, and it was semi-permanent hair dye. It should have washed out by now, but it only faded a little bit. I wash my hair every night, because my hair gets greasy if I don't. I can't get my hair dyed again, because my parents won't let me. (They think its too harsh for my hair, and they don't want it to be ruined.) So, do you know any ways to get my hair to fade/ wash out quicker? Thank you for your time(;

P.S. Sorry I made this so long, I wanted to be specific)


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  • There's stuff called Color Oops that will get color out. But to get it back to blond will require more than just removing the brown dye.

    • What do you mean, "It'll take more than just removing the brown"?

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    • Wont the bleach make my hair a white blond color?

    • Yes, and then that gets dyed to your original blond color.

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  • Girls are stupid for dying their hair :)

    • Aw, why ? *Just after dying her hair red*

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    • Ah, fair enough. But I like my hair dyed this color. ^_^

    • I dyed my hair for 2 reasons

      1) I HATED being stereotyped as "dumb" because I'm blonde.

      And 2) I was bored of being blond, so I decided to mix it up a little bit.

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  • wash it under hot water and don't use a color protective shampoo. I had my hair dyed red once, and it turned out purple, so I would just wash it several times in one sitting. The more shampoo the better!


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