Guys, do you like her hair?

and girls, I have her main dark color, but I want those highlights! how should I describe it to my stylist?..well I guess ill also show her this pic. link


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  • I like her hairstyle, but I don't like her highlights. They're to obvious and not evenly spread.

    • that's the point of them. If they were spread exactly uniform throughout her entire head they would look really unnatural. The stylist did a very good job putting more where the sun would naturally hit.

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    • more natural than if she had highlights spread exactly equally around her head as you suggested.

    • Fair enough, I don't know much about hair. But now it doesn't look natural either.

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  • Try to find a better pic for your stylist, maybe one that shoes the highlight colors more in depth. But I like it. I always like blonde/light highlights with brown hair if its done right.

  • Just take in the picture. It will be the best way to show what you want. Also, try and find more pictures just so you can have a couple to show your stylist.

  • Maybe if the highlights looked... more like natural. I don't know if that's possible.


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