If you could be another race color gender or even background what would you choose?

I know most folks are happy with who they are but if you could pick a new body and life to live what would you choose? Would it be very different than who you are now or would you want to see what life is like from a completely different angle?


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  • I am quite proud of my Italian heritage. I love my dark-chocolate hair and eyes, and olive skin tone--they are without a doubt my favorite features about myself. At nearly 70% of my background, it's a significant portion of my identity. Unfortunately, with being Italian, I'm the owner of some rather unpleasant (in my opinion) features.

    First off, Italians are not known for their height. I barely make it to a meager 5' 4''. And, I have a short torso and large chest. Proportionally, I feel a little awkward, even though people assure me that I'm normal.

    Then, there's the oily skin. Not a pleasant feature. I always feel gross, and look like I've finished running.

    So, I suppose if I had to change anything, it would be to have an extra inch or two to my height, to stretch my proportions in a more favorable manor. I don't really know how to avoid the oily skin, but losing that might be a plus as well. ;)

    Other than that, I can say enough how proud I am of my heritage. Italy is a beautiful, rich country with an entrancing culture. I have no real reason to want to change my roots.


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  • I'm biracial(black and Hispanic). Atm I'm 5'3, 117 lbs, pretty toned for the most part, my lower half is more toned and muscular while my upper body is not :P I don't like upper body exercises :P

    I would be Korean or Japanese or Singaporean

    Body type: short, thin, petite. Thin legs, hipbones showing & flat, toned tummy :D





    Basically, anything from : link

    My favorite blogggg. Too bad she doesn't post anymore :(

    Anyways, I like the Asian culture. Plus, Asian girls tend to be attractive. However, they age pretty badly...

    So maybe I'll just say I'd be Greek or Italian or maybe Estonian or Ukrainian(UH MILA KUNIS?). White but with culture.

    • cool answer but you sound pretty hot as is :)

    • I'm average. Those girls are hot ^^ But they aren't Greek or Italian or Estonian or Ukrainian. They're just examples. I'd kill for the bodies they have

  • I'm very happy being Persian but the only thing I hate is being so fare skinned. I can't tan for some reason and just burn so I would love to have some color on my skin. I would also like a J-lo ass LOL.

  • I'm white and I like it.

  • I like how I am lol

  • I would choose to be Spaniard.

    • :) cool but what body type?

    • shaped like a coca cola bottle

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  • i want to be black so that I can call everyone around me nigga without being awkward ;p


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