What is your least favorite girls fashion?

Is it a certain way they do their make up, a Hair style, a type of clothing? Be brutally honest what are your woman fashion turn offs?


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  • Can't stand tattoos. It's the mark of the classless. It's like wearing Ed Hardy for the rest of your life. The Permanent Mullet.

    Super skinny dark jeans with Chuck Taylors looks good on only 1% of the female population. You have to have the perfect body to pull it off.

    PINK sweats. Come to think of it, any lettering on your butt.

    Hoodies. I understand the practical use, but for fashion they're not pretty on women.

    White Turtleneck Shirts with a crew neck sweater over it, bleached jeans, and white leather sneakers - the uniform of the midwest. I understand the need for warmth, but this outfit looks so bad.

    Slightly below knee high leather boots. It just interrupts the graceful line of the female leg and doesn't look good.

    • NSFW. I rest my case


    • I feel like you love questions like these. I recognize your tattoo quote from multiple other questions xD

    • Saving the skin, one tramp stamp at a time...

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  • I don't like it when girls with naturally curly hair straighten it out. Why would you ruin such lovely curls?

    I don't like skimpy clothing, makes her look like a slag.

    When she only wears the latest fashion and known brands.

    A lot of make-up.

    Fake tan.

    • I have curly hair that I don't straighten, but straight hair is generally preferred by guys. Guys like to run fingers through the hair and you can't do so with curly hair. Not to mention curly doesn't look as healthy as straight hair. Plus, straight hair suits everybody

    • Fair enough. The running through the hair thing depends on how curly the curls are. If they're more wavy it's not that hard to run fingers through the hair. In my experience.

  • Everything you need to know about what guys hate about girl's fashion is right here: link

  • Make up...I hate it...yet if it was veeeeeery little and by that I mean when only girls can notice that she is wearing a tiny portion of make up then it is fine by me.

  • Wearing Paiamas, and sweatpants in public. It looks so lazy. It looks even worse with Uggs, especially baggy pants tucked into Uggs, wear you pants over your boots.

  • I find the over essentric stuff usually a turn on like these type of eyebrows link I like the normal girls. Nice tight jeans durring the day. Maybe a cute floral dress. Something a bit sexy at night but not a mini skirt. Like this link

  • Leggings. works on some and unfortunately not most women. I also don't like weaves, especially the colorful ones.


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  • I can't stand Ugg shoes. To quote a male friend of mine, "The reason they are called Uggs is because guys say 'Ugg' when they see them."

  • Tattoos

    Very bright makeup..especially eyes but bright lips are bad too

    Trashy fake blond hair. This varies a lot, but you know when it's a cheap looking and poorly done dye job.

    Striped highlights

    Very thick black eyeliner

    Thick eyeliner on the bottom alone, especially when there isn't even any liner or shadow on top

    Belly shirts

    Two prints together usually look bad

    Totally baggy clothes that show no shape


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