Girls if you cared about a guy would you accept his body too?

If he had a cute face but just an average body? I was born with arthritis. I can get around just fine and go about my day. I just can't run or lift anything heavy or make any really sharp movements or else it hurts really bad. Is this a deal breaker? (im like 180lbs)


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  • Yeah If he has a nice personality and is cute!


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  • of course,now if I wasn't attracted to his body to the point that I couldn't see him as someone sexual, friend-zone it is! but that's never happened to me before.

    • as long as he wasn't fat would it be ok? just average body type. (very slight flab but slim otherwise?)

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    • it's important to some girls,i've noticed that a lot of girls on here prefer guys who can defend them-but plenty of girls,including myself,aren't like that,it's not your job to defend them,in a relationship-all you have to do for each other is loving and supporting,you're not a bodyguard. so,it's not important to me,and yes,he should take care of himself,for his health,why would I want someone who is self destructive? and you seem to be really nice,i'm sure any girl would be happy to be with you

    • Aww thanks :) And that's an excellent anology. How some girls need a guy whos like there bodyguard basically. Honestly it would hurt like a bitch but I probably could throw a pretty nasty punch if I really tried. But I don't believe in violence. That's not how I solve things. And I'm glad you see it tha way that's its not there job to protect the girl. I would always stand by her no matter what but id rather show her love and support rather than fight a douche whos calling her names and get arrested

  • I'm sure a girl can accept you for who you are. My guy has arthiritis too.

    • Really? all over?

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    • how old is he? I'm 23.

    • he's 26

  • I definitely think that once you get to know someone personally (whether it be a romantic interest or a friend) you look past their "flaws"

    I had a friend that has a hair condition where she partially balds periodically. After awhile, I didn't even notice. I would catch people staring at it and wonder why they were looking at her funny because I practically forgot about it. You care about them as a person and think of them as who they are, not what they look like.

    Similar situation with a guy I've been casually seeing for awhile. He's not the best looking guy, and not someone I would consider my "type" but since I've gotten to really care for him, he's more attractive to me : )

    I think there's weight to the saying "love is blind"

    • even if they were sexually inadequite?

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