I need to buy some under armour, but which size is best?

I want to buy this link but can't decide what size I need to get. The sizing info is on the website but I can't decide between getting a Medium or Large. It is important because it NEEDS to be tight but I don't want it too small and I'm not sure if the measurements the site gives take into account how much it should stretch for each size.

Medium according to the website for shirts is:

Neck : 15 - 15.5

Chest: 38 - 40

Torso: 32 - 34

Large according to the website for shirts is:

Neck: 16 - 16.5

Chest: 42 - 44

Torso: 34 - 36

Here are my measurements:

Neck – 16.2 Inches

Chest - 41.5 Inches

Torso – 35 Inches

Waist/Hips – 36 Inches

Help would be appreciated thanks!
I think I'm gonna go with the large, thanks! :)

I mostly need it to keep me cool but I also need it to keep me warm during the winter. Would this be AS good as doing both?


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  • Go with the large


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  • Theyre designed to be a little more fitted, so probably large.

  • Large would fit much better, it will fit tightly.

  • Large


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