How young is too young for a girl to be wearing a "short" skirt

I saw a girl the other day, that had to be no older than 5, wearing a REALLY short skirt. I thought it was inappropriate but then again...they do have shows for moms and their "princess daughters" etc...


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  • I have been thinking for awhile that there are parents out there who can have a baby but can't teach one to be a good civilian or adult in society.

    I hate to see parents push some sort of social paradigm unto their kid at an early age. and what do I think about this? these parents are irresponsible and don't know how to teach values.


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  • Not old enough to legally obtain a driver's permit. If you can't drive yet, I think you are still a child. I personally don't think children should dress in a way that can be seen as "sexy".

    • What about voting and drinking. In my state and country, driving is 16, voting is 18 and drinking is 21. Are you still a child if you can vote but can't drink?

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    • In some countries, the legal drinking age is 18. So, you are saying, in that country, an 18 year old is an adult but not for an 18 year old in the US because the legal drinking age is different.

    • Yes

  • at the age where they understand about values and how they are perseaved through what they wear. So they understand what kind of attention to expect. e.g. 18

  • probably in elementary


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