Best ladies shopping in San Francisco? I'm 20 and I'm tired of the crap they sell in retail stores. help?

I've gone through macys, nordstrom it feels like I've been in all the stores and find nothing worth their price so I'm looking to san francisco for an answer? anybody got a place they love or have researched or just plain like? I'm curvy and I wear like a size 10 or large Because of my boobs pretty much and I'm looking for pretty much everything


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  • My wife shops at those same places, mostly, in San Francisco. Chains have taken over and that''s why most women dress more and more alike--only colors they wear really distinguish them these days.

    • it sucks all clothes are made with the same crappy fabrics and designs

    • Only the really expensive little boutiques carry original designs, more and more.

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  • link

    Interestingly enough, the ad on the style section, says "tired of paying retail". So I clicked on it, hopefully you like it

  • Just go down to the Haight, get a Burrito and cruise the thrift shops.

    • yea that was my plan...but is there anything beyond that? got anything in mind in particular? by the way you from san fran?

    • Nah, points North. I've been many times, though. Beautiful city but as my friends always say, SF girls are 6s who think they're 9s. Can't think of any thrift store names off the top of my head. You can always Yelp it.

    • lol wow. I don't know I'm an hour north of san fran. you must be around me

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  • Forever 21. There are two HUGE stores in SF, like 3 stories each. It depends what you're looking for though. I went to Levi's for jeans recently, because there was a sale where they had jeans that were 50% off. So, you pay about $20-25 for a pair. I hadn't been there before, but they measure your curve for you too (waist and hips), to find jeans that fit nicely.

    There's also a VS store there that's two stories, lots to choose from. What else...I think you can find practically any store in SF. They have some cute, small boutiques also. I'd just go for a day and explore that area. You can go ice skating in Union Square too if you want. :)

    • whats the VS store? and what streets are these on...u from sf?

    • Oh by VS I mean Victoria's Secret. I think these stores are by Geary and Powell. I can't remember exactly, but you can probably look them up online for directions. I'm from the suburbs around sf, so I go there sometimes.

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