Do any girls have advice on how to grow hair thicker, stop the thinning?

my hair has gotten so thin! it has no volume and I don't want extensions they're so fake and a lot of maintenance. how can I get my hair to grow thicker? not necessarily longer but just thicker?


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  • to stop hair from thinning you need to improve your health and hair health overall. eat healthy with plenty of fruits and veggies. your hair is mainly made of protein so add more protein to your diet. also some vitamins to take would be b vitamins (e.g.b12), vitamin c, vitamin e, and biotin. also more fish or fish oil to your diet is good and exercise will increase blood flow which helps prevent thinning. if you think your shampoo or conditioner could be causing thinning, try switching it out for a few weeks and see if that helps.


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  • Multivitamins like hair skin and nail pills have biotin which makes your strand thicker. also watch your stress levels and diet, make sure your eating fresh foods


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