Most stupid question on GirlsAskGuys?

Which is the most stupid question you have seen or answered here ?


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  • LOL. Armhair guy; "ladies, what color is your armhair? have you ever fallen on the floor at church? was there a sheet over you?"...yadda yadda.

    Whatever happened to Helpful-Good-Boy AKA armhair guy? He was a regular poster.


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  • I see this question every day:

    "How do I know if he/she likes me?"

    And I give the same answer every day:


    • Easier said than done.

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    • I asked like two of these questions before but now I see how annoying it could be like there's always like 20 questions per day with

    • I totally agree with you and I wish I was as confident as you but I can never see me asking someone out lol and unfortunately the guy I like obviously feels the same. If there's one thing I could have though it would be confidence.

  • Sheryl had a question... "Are you a pedophile?" ... Most ridiculous question ever... is anybody that's even one gonna answer that? NO!

    • Sheryl asked many dumb questions. One day she would ask one thing, the next she would ask something that totally counterdicted what she said the day before. Beleive she was one of the ones just pulling our chains

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  • It's not so much as a question as it is a series of questions asked by this particular person in which she always victimizes herself and says some really crazy things. The questions get so crazy that I can't tell if she is telling the truth or just looking for attention. It takes a lot for me to not believe someone and to think they are dramatic since I have seen, heard or been through most of it.

    In a close second the arm hair question is always weird.

    • I think that's the same person that I saw a question from to was it something like her dad beats on her and she is scared of him or something of that sort?

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    • I'm glad to hear that it's not only me who thinks that "99*******" is nuts. Anyone who posts more questions than answers is totally into themselves and their little world. I notice that she is getting fewer and fewer responses to her questions.....just like armhair guy and he eventually went away.

    • Thats true.

      I often find myself copying and pasting same answers again.

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