What makes a couple so cute?

Does a couple with common interests make a couple so 'cute,' or is it by appearances?
  • Obviously interests (personality)
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  • Apperances but that'll never last....
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  • Both (however....that doesn't exit)
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to answer my own question, it's obviously the interests that make a couple so cute. Interaction and similarities such as 'omg we both like dolphins and the color green,' make a couple so adorarbly cute. looks like the guys are the ones that have a brain in this site...
no it doesn't exist, if it does it certaintly won't last.


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  • its the way they act when theyre around each other


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What Guys Said 4

  • dunno , everyone always says 'ooh you look cute together' I never said that , because I don't think a couple can look 'cute' in my eyes..

    a good match - yes , by both appearance and interests

  • I don't really think it can be just interests. It's either both or just looks from an outside perspective.

  • when they are good friends and capadable. Just a good match. They are equally into each other

  • i think only girls say that stuff XD

    • *ah hem* My bf's daddy said we were cute and should get married =D

    • Yeah my boyfriend calls us "cute lovies" and stuff like that so it's not just a girl thing lol

What Girls Said 3

  • When I say I think a couple is cute, I base it on how they interact with each other. I've never been good at telling whether people physically look good together... haha

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    • no I agree with both her points

    • For you, ShootingStar5, it might be easy to spot. My brain is just not wired that way. Half the time I'll see a friend, someone will say "oh, you dyed your hair!", and I'm all "really? It looks exactly the same to me..." Haha

      And HEY! I had best answer! What gives!?

  • both and it does exist.

    Also, it is how they act around each other and how they care for one another.

    • Much agreed! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you btw! =)

    • @update: Thanks for downing us...I mean, we only answered your question... And, as long as you are going to be pessimistic about it, then it certainly won't last for you. I know several couples where it does exist.

  • C. Both... and it does exist.


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