Ways to describe my style?

I'm not really sure how to describe my style.. I'm actually not sure if I have a set style, I just tend to wear what I like.

But I was wondering if anyone could think of a few words to help me describe the way I dress? (: (such as retro, boho, preppy, sporty, etc.)

For pants I usually wear skinny jeans. Once in awhile I'll wear other kinds of jeans, but the majority of the time I wear skinny jeans. I also wear leggings a lot, but I always either wear shorts over them, or a top long enough to cover my butt. I don't wear very many skirts but the ones I do wear tend to be more "fun" such as having ruffles, or being cheetah print.

For tops I usually layer tank tops, or I like those one-shoulder tops. I also wear a lot of striped shirts. I wear hoodies almost every day (at least while the weather is cool).

For jackets I either wear a brown pleather jacket, a black peacoat or this: link

Shoes, I wear boots.. All kinds of boots. I also like ballet flats. During the warmer months, I wear flip flops or just go barefoot if I can.

I don't accessorize too much, but when I do, I like wearing hats, headbands with bows on them, statement necklaces, and big earrings.

Colorwise, I mostly wear blacks, grays, and whites, but I don't shy away from color either.

The stores I shop at the most are: Forever 21, DEB and Charlotte Russe.

Here are some my favorite outfits that I've worn: link

Any ideas on how to describe my style? :)

Thanks in advance. I hope the links work!


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  • quite girly


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  • Girly. I have a friend that dresses like you and I've always described her look as something different but I can't think of the word for it right now. lol

  • Girly but you don't fit into a particular label. You're just you which is good.


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