How can I different kind of man ?

i am a very pretty lady cute body but I attract all the ass holes I want a gentlemen I am always dressed up and in my heels how can I attract a real man a gentlemen


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  • well I am a gentleman and I can tell you from experience that women generally go for the wrong type of recommend that the next time a guy asks you out and if he isn't what you typically go for than you should give him a shot...and by a shot I mean at least two dates since the first date he will probably be really nervous since you're good looking. you might also want to try asking out a guy who you think would be a nice guy...

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  • i may sound like a horn dog and I'm only 19, but damnnn, from that description, umm, it sounds like a high school type thing, all the good looking girls, are asked out by the guys who wind up to be jerks.. "cough" jocks, etc... just be more open minded, and be willing to TRY to accept anyone who approaches you, afterall the guys who think that they aren't in your league, are very intimidated, therefore won't try it, so again, just show that you're willing to accept anyone, that you feel you could connect with


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