What should I wear when I go sledding with my friends?

When I go sledding with my friends? I usually wear snow pants, sweatshirt, coat, sweatpants, gloves, hat, but I'm a teenager and this is the first year I'm going sledding with guys and stuff...so what can I wear to look cute, but how can I stay warm at the same time?


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  • I'd say a cute beanie (or even a headband and hat), snow boots, snow pants, a cute snow jacket, cute gloves. Basically just wear what you wear but try to add color.


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  • Wear the same. Seriously.

    Just wear smile on top of that. (most warming thing to wear of all :D)

  • So, does this prove women dress for men?

    • Haha yea I guess.

      But I don't only want to dress for him, it's kind of for myself. If that makes sense. I just want to look nice...

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    • Well then why did you ask?

    • Because I wanted another OPINION

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  • wear the same,guys are humans-they get cold too and they'll know that you get cold too,they'll respect you more for being smart and practical than for wearing something that isn't suited for sledding just to impress them.

    BUT if you really want to wear something more flattering to your lady bumps,try skiing pants,i have a pair and well they do wonders,they're like winter yoga pants

    • I was just asking because I saw these chicks last year that had northface jackets, uggs, and skinny jeans. I was thinking "How in the world are they staying warm?!"

      But I guess you're right about the being smart, and they'll respect you thing haha

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