What do you look for in a partner and what are your deal breakers?

The question already kinda says it all. I'm just wondering what makes your list of things you desire in a partner (stability, honesty, sexual attraction...) and what are deal breakers (if you're his best (or only) option)...


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  • Well first I have to be attracted to her...then I look for personality traits that I do not wish for her to have: naggy, bitchy, uptight, selfish etc...if he personality is compatible then I need for her to be sexually compatible...and if all that's there...then I will marry her...(:

  • Could write a book here.

    Fatal software deal breakers: control/manipulation autocratic opinions, Feminist social/sexual politics, pre-emininent career, variable temper, sarcasm/cynicism, Materialism, Atheism. Aversion to adventure and travel. Attraction to anal sex, threesomes and any BDSM.

    Fatal firmware and equipment deal breakers: Aversion to oral sex both ways. Boobs larger than C. Chronic vag odor/bad taste that hygiene can't overcome Obesity. Extreme PMS. Any STD.


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