Guys what do you like to see a girl wearing in a club?

a mini dress, poloneck, skirt shorts? on an hour glass figure..

what color dyou like to see on your girl?

what would make you approach her?


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  • Whatever shows the most skin. Guys at the club aren't looking to meet the mother of their children. They're looking to get laid. If you want to make yourself available to them, skank yourself out with how you dress. If you want a guy to approach you for something other than the prospect of getting laid, you're barking up the wrong tree by doing it at the club.


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  • Depends on the girl. For example, I don't think polos generally look great on girls, but one girl I know looks amazing in them (i.e. if I were to have sex with her- she would have to wear a polo)!

    I don't like over the top, attention seeking ness though. Whether that's being loud or having a ridiculous dress or heavy, heavy make up.

    Nice dress, nice smile, all good.

  • Well I would that the clothes aren't that important compared to body language and facial expressions. But maybe that's just me ^^

    • facial expressions/body language? d'you mean like smiling laughing having a good time?

    • Yeah stuff like that, I wouldn't approach a girl who wore a sexy outfit if she didn't seem nice and open for conversation. Appearing friendly and smiling is more important to me. ^^

  • show some cleavage and some legs. color doesn't really matter as long as it's not some dull pastel color.

    what makes me approach her isn't so much of what she is wearing rather than whether I think she is my type.

    listen to starstrukk by 3oh3. pretty much sums it up.

    hope this helps(:


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