Handbag survey for the fashionistas...

1. What kind of handbag do you have?

2. How do you keep it organized? I NEED TIPS!

3. What's inside your purse?

My answers...

1. I have a hugeee, slouchy black leather Steve Madden bag with gold hardware that has zipper detailing in all four corners that reveals a cheetah print.

2. I'm trying to organize my handbag but there's just wayyyy too much sh*t. So it's not organized at all. Everything's just in one big pile.

3. I have my phone, chapstick, hand lotion, sunglasses, tissues, allergy meds, tampons, keys, phone charger, wallet, Tide to Go, ear buds, portable mini nail kit, iPod Touch charger, Calcium supplements, acne meds, digital camera, camera charger, credit card wallet, gloves, Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers travel size perfume, Ed hardy lighter, gum, sticky notes, pen, iPod Touch, oil sheets, hand sanitizer, bandaids, Neosporin, spare contacts, and Alka Seltzer...


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. I use a cross body type bag sometimes and I use a slouchy bag for school that pretty much sounds like yours except for the zipper detailing. even has the cheetah print inside. I'll just tell you about the slouchy one..

    2. I keep the small stuff in the small inside compartment, and the bigger stuff out of it obviously lol. I don't want small things in the actual bag part because it will take forever to find them. and then there's another small compartment at the back.

    having some compartments would be good although that requires a new bag..but I'd just take some stuff out if I were you. you can try getting a little case to hold some small things in, so that they aren't flying around in your bag.

    3. in the small compartment inside I have: ipod, gum, hand sanitzer, bus tokens, keys. in the actual bag: folders/notebooks if going to school, wallet, water bottle, pencil case. outside compartment: bus pass if I have one for the month, phone, sometimes chapstick.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I can't believe what I am reading! How much does your bag weigh, 32 pounds?


What Girls Said 7

  • Good lord. I have a Fossil bag link but god it's heavy as f*** even without all that stuff. I just put the essentials in my bag. Wallet, phone, chapstick, lipgloss, oil sheets, feminine products, keys, small tube of sunscreen, hand lotion, mace, and compact mirror. That's it pretty much. And maybe some bobby pins and hair bands.

    But then there's so much room in the bag that it's not even practical anymore because I don't put nearly enough stuff in that purse to even have one of such size.

    As for organization, I put fem napkins in the inside zipper pocket. I put my phone in a side pocket to where I don't have to dig for it -need easy access. The key is to put the smaller or more important stuff in the outer or inner pockets and have an assigned place for everything so that you always know where stuff is and you don't forget which pocket you put it in.

  • 1. A slouch purse, bronze all over with blue and purple designs on it

    2. I have no idea, I'm messy lol

    3. iPhone charger, gum, lip gloss, lotion, headphones, two books because I love to read, antibacterial spray, and that's it

  • Hello. Geeze that's a lot of stuff in a bag. XD

    Not really a fashionista, but:

    1. I have a brown, more of an orangey tinted handbag. Companys called freebird. Its pretty.

    2. I put my keys in a zipped up space. I put other things in these little slots that are sown into the bag. It does get tricky to find things.

    3. I have keys, kleenex, lip balm, disinfectant, hand cream, sometimes a perfume and deodarant, sometimes bills and movie tickets, my wallet, a book at times, gloves or a scarf, contacts case. Yeah, I really don't put much. And want it to be more full at times..

  • 1. What kind of handbag do you have? - link - I just bought this. I love it!

    2. How do you keep it organized? - The smaller pockets.. I would keep small things in there or things I will need right away for later. It would be divided by two sections where I keep personal things and paper, notebooks and all..

    3. What's inside your purse? - Chap stick, water bottle, headphones, nail filer, wooden fan, small bottle of mouth wash, eye drops, 2 lotion bottles, perfume, pepper spray, notebook, phone, music player, wallet, car keys, drawing book, a bag of jawbreakers, 2 reading books, camera, a puzzle book, some pens and pencils, and clean pair of socks *just in case.

  • 1. I have a few purses but I prefer either big ones or ones that you can sling around your body (I need one of those, it's a LOT more convenient, though you can't put as much stuff in it). The one I use now isn't a designer purse but it's big & black & doesn't have many compartments. I do have an X&O purse but it's smaller.

    2. I throw everything in there. lol. Can't really help you in that area. :P

    3. My phone, my iPod, sometimes my phone charger & iPod wall charger if I need them, my Carmex lip balm, pain medicine/pills sometimes, wallet (with my license, money, debit cards, etc.), cigarettes, 2 pens, sometimes a small perfume bottle, sometimes makeup, papers... it all really depends on what I need or forget to take out of my purse lol. Oh & an AK-47... j/k :P

  • 1. I have a lot of handbags in all sizes and colors but most of the time I prefer a black or a light brown one

    2. ha ha in my handbags is a chaos so I don't have a organisation

    3. a bottle of water, my iphone, ear buds, my wallet, tissues, a perfume sample,lipgloss, keyes, a comb, chewinggum

  • 1. I'm a bag snob. I don't have a lot of bags because I can't afford them. I have a prada, gucci and a coach. all small

    2. It's just 3 bags so I keep them in a row on my bookshelf in the dust bag and stuff it with tissue paper when not using it so it's a pain for sure trying to organize it because I have to take everything out, put in the tissue paper, etc.

    3. phone, wallet, Kleenex, small notepad and pen, chapstick, small makeup bag, gum, rollerball perfume


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