Which is the best lip balm?

Okay, so I know this isn't REALLY the place for it, but girls could you please recommend your favorite lip balm?

My lips are either dry & flaky, or peeling. It's gross and really unattractive... All the lip balms I have used seem to be all about appearance rather than really improving the feel of the lips, not good.

Any suggestions for lip balm?

-other lip care tips are welcomed too :)


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  • I use 100% African Shea Butter on my lips. It makes them feel like silk. I got mine from a beauty supply store for $3 for a really big container. I apply a thick layer every night before bed & a thin layer before I go out in the morning. The smell isn't great though so, I usually mix mine with some essential oils (couple of drops of your favorite scent), coconut oil (about 20%) & extra virgin olive oil (a tablespoon)

    If you can't get pure shea K-Mart sells this one lipbalm that's 30% shea butter & it already has everything mixed in. It's called "Out of Africa" (it's $5 I believe) you can use that if you don't feel like mixing it yourself.

    Also, once a week I do a sugar scrub on my lips (get some sugar & apply a few drops of oil - I like tea tree - & scrub lips.. follow up with shea butter) it really helps to slough off dead skin cells. I've also begun using milk & honey mixes once a week alternating with the scrub (I know it sounds silly but the lactic acid in the milk helps slough off dead skin while honey is a natural humectant which helps to drag moisture from the atmosphere to your lips.. I just mix until I have my desired consistency & leave on for 10 minutes.. then rinse) I can't tell you how the milk & honey mix is working on my lips so far. I haven't noticed any negative changes, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything great either (I've only tried it once so far...) However, this mix is amazing for your hair if you have dry hair. I mix some milk & honey in with my conditioner & it makes my hair feel like silk.

    • you sound like an expert on the topic!

      I may take a look for some shea butter in priceline or something :)

      also that milk and honey thing sounds good, I'll definitley have to give that a try, both for my lips and hair . thankyou :)

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  • If your lips are constantly flaky and peeling, you could try exfoliating. What I do is simply grab a towel, wet it, wet my lips and scrub my lips with it. Not too hard, or you'll bleed. Just rub it enough to remove the dry skin. It works wonders! Then just put some lip balm on. You'll instantly feel much smoother..amazing hahaa! As for lip balm, I use papaya ointment. It comes in a red tube, and can be used for chapped lips as well as burns :) hope this helped..

    • thanks, but this is sort of basically what I've allready been doing.

      it has helped a little, but maybe I should do it a little more reguarly - thanks :)

  • I love burt's bees. Their lip balm keeps my lips pretty mositurized and its not loaded with a bunch of chemicals like some of the other lip balms out there.

  • i used eos. i dislike lip balms too oily since its just not very nice. makes my lips puffy and pouty, i dont like it

  • burts bees works amazingly for me and I have similar lip issues. its easy, sold almost everywhere and cheap :)


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