Big bones, yet skinny?

Hi! I'm about 5 feet tall, and I weight around 120. I could care less about numbers on a scale, and when checking my BMI, I seem to be fine. I'm very big boned, and it is hard for me to lose (as well as gain) weight. I don't want to be a stick, but I'd like to look a bit healthier.

I've been working out, and I am losing weight, but very slowly. I don't love the size of my mid-section in the mirror, and since I'm big boned, I was wondering if anyone knew if 10 or so pounds would make a difference (or even be possible). Thank you all!

*Sorry, this isn't exactly a typical GaG question, but you know... haha.
**Let's change that to 5 pounds, not 10. Haha.


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  • There is no such thing as being "big boned." However, the type of body that you have may be why you're built the way you are. Has nothing to do with your bones. If you look at what you just said, based on your logic, if you were "big boned," you wouldn't be losing weight, correct? But you are. So are your bones losing weight? ;) Doesn't make much sense, does it?

    The reason why your BMI checks out is because there's a RANGE in which everyone fits into that qualifies as healthy. I'm 5 feet as well and the range for this height can vary from 105-120 and be considered in the healthy range. Why? Because everyone's body type is different. You could very well be an endomorph (inclined to be heavier) instead of someone who's a mesomorph (muscular physique) or an ectomorph (really thin).

    Five to 10 pounds will definitely make a difference. You just need to keep doing what you're doing with proper diet and exercise to help move it along and MAINTAIN that lifestyle.

    • Ms. Candlewax...being "big boned" IS definitely a real thing.

      Endomorphs has larger bones than mesomorphs, and mesomorphs have bigger bones than ectomorphs.

      Just had to clear that up. :)

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    • No, big boned is a myth.

    • If anyone wants to argue, go take it up with all my PhD instructors who know more about the subject. "Big boned" was created by fat asses who want a cover up to their weight issues. Instead of diet and exercise, they blame their bones. Makes perfect sense. *eyeroll*

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  • 5 pounds is possibel and it will make a difference.

  • Honestly...w/o any pics this ? is not very useful.

    Link some pics in an update.

  • 10lbs certainly would make a noticable difference.

    • Er, actually, I shouldn't written 10. I was actually thinking more around the 5 mark. Haha. I'm stupid. I'm curious as to if it's possible to make a noticeable difference, being big boned and whatnot.

    • 5...Isnt so noticeable but I think you can tell.

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  • 5 pounds? Probably not. The thing is that 5 pounds won't really make much of a noticeable difference to anyone except yourself and the people who look very closely at you before and after. That goes for everyone, big boned or not. Try to tone your body. I'd imagine if muscles were visible then people would notice that you're big boned as opposed to thinking you're overweight.

  • But losing weight won't effect whether your big boned or not? Will it? Unless your on about just actually losing weight anyway...I'd say 5 pound loss and YOU'D see the difference, if you lose 10 then other people will probably notice a difference too.

    • No, it won't. Just because I'm big boned, and I have such a difficult time trying to lose weight, I was wondering if I were... 'too skinny' or 'as skinny as possible' for being big boned, I suppose o.o

      and I mean, I'm reallly big boned. Haha. I'm sorry for my lack of being able to put together my thoughts

  • you'd notice 5 pounds, others would notice 10. 10 pounds would get you closer to the average weight for your height, though I don't really know your physical type, so I can't say it would be average for you.


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