Guys, which is hottest?:)

I know this is a generalization, and it depends, but overall, which hair color is the most attractive to you?


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  • Generally:

    Blond - Sexy

    Brunette - Beautiful

    Redhead - Wild

    Black - Spunky

    Most of the girls I am attracted to are brunette, but once in a while a blond will catch my eye even more so than said brunettes.

    As long as you can wear your hair the way you like it and feel confident in yourself while doing so, it is attractive to just about any one!


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  • Really it depends on the girl. Here skin color has to match the hair or else it simply looks odd. Personally I think dirty blond but not light blond is extremely attractive... but on the other hand I can't think of anyone I have met whose hair I think is more beautiful then my current girlfriend's and hers is darker brown. She can put the hair in any style and still have it look either beautiful, cute, or sexy. But take into account I am extremely bias in this issue.

  • I like black the most, brunettes are hot too I think. I don't like blondes or redheads for some reason a lot of guys seem to be into blonds though; but, if this is a question then you should choose whatever hair color that YOU like best :D If the guy doesn't like you for the hair color you like the most or wants you to be (or look like) someone you're not, then screw him.

    • Sweet...I think. :-) I like the fact that you mention it's the girl's choice that needs to be appreciated.

  • As a straight stylist I tend to lean more towards brunette . if your complection matches your hair color that's all that matters . If you think you look good your probably on the right track . Guys just love women in general .

    • I love this answer. I've been saying the same thing for years. Thanks!

  • Black or red hair with white skin.

    Dirty blond or blond with tan skin

    Light brown with dark tan skin

    • He's got it right

    • Very specific.

      What's the difference between "dirty blonde" and "light brown"?

    • Dirty blond is blond hair with a mix of black at the root, while the other blond is a completely bland hair.

  • I always go for blonds.

  • hard to say I know one girl at my high school who died her hair a lot of different colors and still managed to look hot in them all


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