If a girl copliments you on your dress, is she thinking you're probably gay?

Twice recently I've had women who say nice things about how I'm dressed come right out and ask if I'm gay. I wonder how many others think that way.

What a sad kind of stereotype, as if only gays had any style sense!

No rating? Such a great question!


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  • No, definitely not. They probably were just making an assumption. But generally women don't think that.


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  • No way, personally I think if a man's made the effort to look suave or particularly smart it's only right to compliment him on it. I have a good friend who may not dress in 3 pc suits all the time but is always super sharp and groomed no matter the day of the week. To be honest it's a pleasure to look at him and I'm proud when we go out that he's part of my group. Nothing gay about it.

  • I definitely wouldn't assume you're gay! It's just so many straight guys are into jeans and tshirts. This is the metrosexual era. embrace it. you look great in a very hetereosexual way!


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