Could I look less attractive now that I lost weight? I used to be chubby.

No I am not skinny If that's what you are thinking, My case is I was almost overweight like borderline on BMP but I turned lots of heads, which I found it odd like really attractive man seemed to desire me...

But I was chubby, meaning extra belly, really round face, really thick thighs...Well not Good in My opinion like lazy with My body...

So I lost weight gained muscles, now I am pretty healthy, but also meant My face isn't so round, So not So cute looking and My boobs got really small used to be a 34b now its a 32a I still have meat on the bones still curvy but different and I feel I don't attract as much looks from guys as I did before Even though I hear from the Girls you look great you look hot...

Guys look and turn heads but I feel is not as much as it used to be...

So guys are more into chubby looking Girls or its My lack of boobs, what's your theory?

Maybe I am just paranoid...


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  • Well it's hard to say without some before and after pictures to give me a better idea. Also I'm a little unclear what the BMP is. I wonder if it's anything like the BMI chart. Still I'll see what I can tell you.

    First off, if the BMP you mentioned is anything like the BMI, then don't worry too much. While that system isn't terrible, it's been proven again and again that it's got some severe flaws. So don't rely too heavily on it. But anyway, being chubby really isn't a bad thing to everyone. As you can see, you had a lot of guys interested when you had that extra weight. Still you shouldn't worry too much. I do think that there is a chance that it's all in your head. You probably look fine, and you're just adJusting to what you look like now.

    Your breasts? Don't worry too much about that either. I've never cared much about breast size, and going by all answers to the many, many questions on this site, asking if guys care about breast size, it looks like a lot of other guys don't care either. Oh sure we sometimes get distracted by huge breasts, but ultimately, I've found guys don't find it that important. Sure they're less noticeable when smaller, but they can still look really nice, and I personally always liked them even when in an A-Cup.

    I used to have a girlfriend who was just a little chubby, and she had nice curves, and an A-Cup. She had the lowest self esteem about her body. I rather liked it though. I thought she was beautiful. Her low self esteem was pretty sad. Sometimes even annoying.

    But I digress.

    Anyway, no matter what your body type, there's someone out there for you. Someone will find you beautiful, and the results may vary sometimes, but it's not anything to worry about. Some guys like skinner girls. Some guys are chubby chasers, and those guys might not be as into you as before, but if you're a little in between like you are now, then there's still a bunch of guys who notice you. It happens. Your breasts are not that important, in the long run. I'm sure whoever you end up dating will just be happy to see your breasts, period, whatever the size.

    Don't worry. I'm sure you look fine. Maybe even great. But I can't tell without a picture. ;D

    Anyway I hope you can soon learn to be comfortable with how you look. Regardless, I'm sure you'll find someone special. Don't worry about it. In the mean time, congrats on losing your weight and getting fit. I hope you feel better.

    Good luck out there.

    • Yeah BMI sorry, used to be 25 now its 22 I guess but yeah you aren't considering muscle mass and body fat so not The greatest thing, My body fat still a bit high I think before I might have attracted this chubby chaser types and now I am in between So I don't get the guys that like the fitted Girls or chubby girls I don't know If there is a huge amount of guys for what I got now...i will Send you a link on a message so you can see because every time I try to post here gag takes My question off the air

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  • first of all, don't lose weight for anyone but yourself. you got healthier and that's what matters to you.

    second of all, its a common misconception that guys like really skinny girls. most of us prefer a girl to be more curvy

    people probably just aren't as used to the new you. they may have liked what you used to be an are unsure of the new you.

    32a is a normal size. 34b isn't like its huge or anything, so maybe it was your body, or ass (cuz that's what usually turns heads lol) that got people. I'm sure they still look, but your just unsure or adJusting to yourself

    • I didn't lose weight for man it was totally for me, I look at old photos and just think how could I be So careless about myself and get to that point and how come guys found me attractive, I think My face was maybe cuter more round...but I am still far from skinny I think I am in between thin and chubby maybe thick and maybe there aren't So many guys for this body type

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  • I am not sure, I can barely visualise your situation. One thing I may be able to recommend is that as your body shape changes, so does what suits you. Perhaps it may be a good idea to reassess your hair style, your clothing style and your makeup application. That probably sounds really expensive, but maybe do it as you can afford it.

    • Yeah I mean I try to use only fitted clothes now to show what I got now without looking slut of course but I still have My old jeans and they look baggy now

    • Using fitted clothes can be good, but try to balance your fashion range as well.Personally I also previously used almost only fitted clothes but my ex-bf said it was really boring and he wanted to see different fashions on me. So I now I try to include a wide variety of clothing (even though I still prefer fitted ^^). Either way, it might be a good idea to get some advice from someone who knows you, especially someone who is similar to you in physique to assist you in decision making.

    • Yeah that would be Good but all My friends have that retangular shape and I am more of a pear, that's why I try fitted clothes Most of the time My hips are still wide and My botto

      Half much wider than the top half...but Thanks I will see what I can change I mean now I am trying to use shorts and skirts things I didn't use before

  • What was your height and weight before you lost weight and what is your weight now? With this information I'll be able to fully comprehend the situation.

    • Well you have to consider I was all fat before and now I have muscles and muscles weight more, I mean My trainer is My height and heavier than me but She is way fitter...So I am 5 ft and used to weight 126lb and now I weight 116lb

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    • Well not thin then, one of the personal trainers at the gym saw a photo of me before and was like OMG, gee it wasn't that bad but it's very different than what I look now...i will send you a link of me now but as a message OK

    • Ok sounds good. :)

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