Guys, do you like it when your girlfriend wears the same scent of perfume or lotion all the time?

Or do you like it when she wears different ones from time to time? Do you even notice what your girlfriend smells like? (or if you don't have one just girls in general).


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  • Of course we notice different smells =P. Nothing too over the top during the day/time when you always see each other. But on special occasions, or at night, or when you go out with each other, its nice to put something sexy, sensual, seductive, etc on.

    Since I don't have a girlfriend I will say a bit about that. If I am looking for a girl, obviously the more over the top scents are going to lure me in. Don't overdo it though because that's a turn-off, but something more than ordinary is nice. So if you are a girl and are looking for a guy, its nice to put something on that will get noticed, none of the spray stuff...perfumes work better.


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  • Nahh, it is always better to have a more seductive perfume during the evening, and a subtle one during the day. Dior Poison for evening, and Chanel Missy in the daytime ;)

  • I do, but I'm a cologne and perfume expert. If you wear the same scent, his subconscious will associate the smell to good experiences with you. But when you break up, that scent will make him ill when he smells it in the future.


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