Cologne issues?

Okay, so all my life I've never once worn cologne, because I couldn't stand the smell of it. I have an unusual sense of smell and so all the different types of colognes and perfumes out there all smell the same to me and the smell is just HORRIBLE!

Well I've recently decided to take my dad up on a challenge he presented to me, and I started roughing it and wearing some cologne. Sure enough I started getting compliments and positive attention I wasn't wearing before, but I don't know how long I can keep it up because wearing the stuff is royally screwing with my senses of taste and smell. I can't smell anything but the cologne and all the food I eat tastes nasty, like it's been dipped in the stuff.

I like the attention I'm getting but the downsides to wearing this god awful stuff are just too severe. Anyone know any alternatives that will yield the same result? Or what I should do?


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  • I think...if its affecting you like that and you don't like wearing it, then dont. I'm pretty indifferent to cologne..though I have smelled some on a guy that was pretty amazing, when it comes down to it I prefer none at all...I like to smell and taste bare skin...not something out of a bottle when I'm snuggling up to my guy.

    Anyway, something you can try...instead of using cologne are soaps and body sprays from the same line as the can still be smelled, but will have a much fainter scent which is good for you. You can also try spritzing the cologne in the air and then walking through it... I do that for my really strong perfumes and it works perfectly. Or..spritz it on a dryer sheet and toss it in the dryer with yoru clothes for 5 minutes...


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  • The obvious answer sounds like you are putting on too much or a cologne that is too strong.

    Try to find a real subtle cologne or spraying less on. It shouldn't be as strong and overbearing as you describe it.

    Here is an article on applying cologne which could help you decide whether you are putting on too much:


    • Sorry, I did not read your previous comment that you are putting on very little.

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  • i have a sensitive nose and love my husband's body smell. hate the smell of some guys like when I dated or when they have b.o. don't even mind my hubby's sweat. he wore some axe the other day and I could smell him from the other room. I hated it.

  • What about a nice body wash, I know when I use them it leaves a nice scent and its not too strong

  • are you putting on too much? try the axe deoderant spray it smells like cologne but it is not as strong I don't think and its just deoderant... try that let me know how it works out.

    • Im not putting on much at all, I can tell because of the attention I've been getting, its just I have a weird sense of smell and there's certain ingredients used in all colognes and perfumes that just overwhelm everything else for me.

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    • Sorry if I didn;t help at all I am trying too.

    • You are =) thanks

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  • Do you have hyperosmia? Might want to get that checked out.


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