How do you act around the hottest guy/girl?

when you see someone you like those it make you nerves or ..?

me being a Rap SUPER STAR, it come pretty easy around females so that I'm trying find about how others feel.( note : I'm a better Rapper then Eminem so you image just how lady love me)


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  • Well as it happens, I'm the bastard child of Ron Jeremy, Hugh Hefner, and Orlando Bloom's orgy with Jesus, so you can imagine I really have no clue what it's like.

    • I know girl who works at palyboy and knows Hugh Hefner

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    • Whatever man, have fun on your quest for validation through talentless noise and internet ego trips.

    • sort of like modern rock static? pot and pan beats?

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  • If I start to get intimidated I just tell myself,their a**hole probably smells like sh*t and it himanizes them and make me act normal again

  • I'm pretty much god's gift to women so I wouldn't know. I also have superior grammar skills.

    • now!... that something to be pround of

      superior grammers skills because the first thing a girls see's and it only way keep a nerdy frendship

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    • I actually know several rappers personally and none of them are going anywhere in their careers. Not a stereotype. Just what I've seen happen time and time again to people close to me.

    • well I'm something a little different in hip hop and were from rappers are making big ;)

  • What do you call yourself - Three Musketeers?


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