Guys, what do you think about wigs?

I wear them sometimes when I am trying to grow my hair out.

Cause a lot of coloring and perming I fry my hair sometimes.

Sometimes I'll just buzz it off and start over.

I wear wigs that don't look really fake too.


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  • I think you should keep the natural look or the buzz until it grows out look..

    This is a very bias opinion

    I have dealt with sick people that HAD to wear wigs due to not being able to grow hair or having terminal health problems and needed it as a boost of confidence and to stray away a few eyes..

    do the natural as long as you can

    • Yes, I totally plan to again in a few months when its at a more comfortable length

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  • In West.Europe the most black African women wear artificial hears. They twist them in their own hairs, so you can`t see their normal crisp hairs.

    If this is good or not good, this is difficult to say, for me.

    But one thing is sure, with this method they have more possibilities for different hair.styles.

    The next reason can be, that they want to copy the Europeans.

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