What kind of prom dress should I get?

i'm tall, slim, blond and have blue eyes. What would look good on me in your opinion? I was thinking about a long light blue dress... if you can post links that would be great thank you :)


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  • OK so you're blonde/blue eyed, 5'8", 125 lb, & small chested. <- from the fact that you're small chested, I'd say a strapless dress would be good.

    Do you have a longer torso, longer legs, or pretty much even?

    ^^ this will affect whether a slit in the leg would be good or if you could go without one.

    And for color, you'll probably want lighter colors because of your light hair and such, so if I were to choose colors, I'd say pink, light blue, light green, light purple, gold.

    once you answer about the longer torso & such, I could give you a couple links to ones I think would be good for you :) also if you have a preference for the color from the ones above I will take that into account too :)

    • pretty much even but my legs are a bit longer I think, also my skin is very fair... so I have to be careful about very light pinks, they make me look chubby :(

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    • no problem :) and the 2nd one was actually my prom dress for last year ha ha :P

    • it's really pretty :D

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  • How tall? And what's your weight and measurements? Also, what's your best body feature? Finally, who are you going with and how would you like the date to go?

    • I'm about 5'8 125lbs and my measurements are about 86 60 90 (in cm) my best feature is my legs I think, I'm kinda small chested and I haven't decided with whom I'm going yet... my hair is also very long and thick

    • Then you should definitely do something with a high slit to show off your legs. I think long dresses look better in a prom type setting, so a long slit would be better than a short skirt. Given that you're thin, I'd also suggest something sleeveless.

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  • link



    legs as best feature=shorter dress

    small bust=strapless dress

  • physically, you could be my twin haha. I had a long light blue dress for my senior prom :)

    strapless would probably be good for you.

    i don't know your budget, but if you want a designer dress, I've always loved La Femme link


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