What should I do with my hair?

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow...and I really want to change it

I just grew out my layers because before they always seemed frizzy or something and I didn't know what to do with them...But now I'm thinking I wanna get layers again. But I don't know what exactly to ask for that would look good (long, choppy, short..etc).. I also want to add more to my bangs

I've got a round face and straightish medium thickness hair and it's all the same length..Ive never dyed it so for the most part its in good shape...And right now it's about 3-4 inches bellow my shoulders. Anndd I have side bangs, but they're retarded with no volume (along with the rest of my hair)

this link


this link

Something different?

Help :( Thanks :)
Oh, I was just talking about the cuts, not the color!

I'm never dying my hair :P

maybe highlights and whatever, but nothing to drastic lol
link I like this too c:


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  • link

    Neither I like this haircut better for you, it goes with your hair color (I think) and it looks good on round faces, (fyi, your cheeks are so cute xD) and it is definitely a huge change from how you have it right now, and well even though you always look awesome ;) I think this haircut can make you seem more outgoing and approachable which is a huge + fur guys that want to hit on you :P


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  • personally- I'm a guy, and don't know much about hair and whatever, but I would say don't get darker hair then what you already have. xD. the second one looks pretty good- the first one really looks edited... and natural is generally a better look it think, but what do I know xD

    • haha. I was about to say- the first one has like bright orange highlights with darker hair. xD.

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  • out of the pictures you posted the one that looks most different from your hair is the third (in updates). the other ones seem too similar to your hair now. link (twelfth picture down)

  • I like the second one because her hair looks healthy and thick. They're both similar styles, but the first girls hair looks a little thinner. If that's you in your display picture, I think you'd look great with either one.


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