Has anyone got a perm a day after micros and your hair looked longer?

i took out my micro braids and in the process of taking the braids down I had a lot of new growth. I thought my hair was coming out after I took the braids down but people say it was dead hair. I had my micros in from August till January. has anyone gotten a relaxer and their hair was longer?


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  • That is not "dead hair" that came out when you took out your micros. ALL of your hair is dead Including mine and every other person's hair on this planet. That was just shedded hair that came out when you loosened you hair from the micros. Meaning you grew new hair to replace the shedded hair. So your hair actually did grow and it grew longer at that, congrats! :)

    • thanks lol my hair is knodded I'm trying to unknodd it I don't know what to do

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    • Oh, okay. When I use to wear Micros I would wear them for almost as long. But for future reference don't wear them for that long again because they will loc and will be nearly impossible to take loose. What I would do is slowly and very carefully take each and every braided piece of hair and unknot them. I know its tedious and redundant but if you wanna keep your hair that's the best route to take. Also go on YouTube and look up vidoes on how to unknot hair. Like this one:

    • link <----continued from previous comment. Just do a lot of googling. Just don't freak out and yank your hair around in frustration as this will make the knots even tighter. Hope I helped you a little! :)

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