To cut or not to cut my hair?

I haven't cut it since early June. I had cut off 3 inches and gotten some layers and angles. The length is back and the layers and angles are still there but as they got long they are starting to lose shape.

I want to keep the length but reshape my hair, but I still want it to grow. So should I get it trimmed and relayered, or wait? I want it to look long but shaped, it is a bit out of shape now.


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  • Pics would do in this situation. How long are we talking? What is the natural color? What style are you looking for? link

    • I don't want to change color. It is a light brown w golden tones, my ntural, I don't dye it. It is wavy straight andmid back length or so w some layers. But if you don trim layers they don't show as much anymore and 6 months I a long time

    • There are different web sites devoted to this. link though some suggest picking one depending on your face link link

What Girls Said 1

  • I know how you feel. I just went through the same dilemma. Just tell the hair stylist to re-cut the hair style in but keep it as long as possible.. with it still having shape.


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