Why are evil people blessed with looks, and good cursed with awkardness?

why is it that some of my worst enemies in high school were the hottest girls who hated me. why can't look the same way that they act: like ugly people also would look ugly from the outside!


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  • I don't think hot people are born to be evil; they were born innocent, just like any ugly person. It's upbringing and exposure to the opinions of other people that affects their attitude, personality. If they grew up being complimented on their 'beauty', chances are they would grow up to be pompous and look down on those that aren't so gifted. The media has shaped our perception of beauty greatly, making the saying: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" almost seem meaningless. Those that are beautiful are often treated with more respect. Their lack of mistreatment causes them to become 'spoilt' in a sense and gives them an impression that they are of greater worth than those that are less beautiful. In a society like ours, inner beauty is rarely valued, which I find quite disheartening.

    But that said, not all beautiful people are evil. I know some that are beautiful inside and out, but that's quite rare. Outer beauty is superficial, and if a guy cannot look past looks, then he's not the kind of guy you want.

    • I was in that rare spotlight when I was best looking guy in middle school but I did sale to the popular clique so I was labeld "weird' right after hah

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    • Thats because my frends say I have no bALLS LOL

    • well sheesh. They're probably just joking. :p I really think you should change it to a guy, its causing mass confusion. You're display pic is a guy, you talk like a guy, but your gender seems like a girl? :/

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  • And all the wrong people have high self esteem


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  • Hot people are hot because they focus on their looks and make an effort. There are some naturally beautiful people but about 80% of the pretty people are just the ones who know what to do to look the best. My sister is popular, she's nice but she will admit that a lot of them can be a**holes to the outcast kids. I'm not condoning that at all I think people should leave others the hell alone, however I did want to note that the hot people are hot because they try to be. the meanness is about power and dominance. they don't want to lose their status so that means if they are at the top of the social food chain, someone has to be on the bottom..and the ones who are on the bottom are to either be shunned or teased. if you get too close to them then u'll be "tainted" by their social status. it's very evil in a Lord of the Flies way

  • hahahaha maybe you just secretly find meaness attractive? haha


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