When a guys says....

YOu are the most beautiful girl in the world to me... but looks at porn like twice a week... does he mean it?


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  • Yeah of course. Even though girls in porn are very attractive physically, that's all they have, and when 2 people like each other alot, and there's that attraction going on... and he knows who you are, what your personality is and mix that with YOUR looks, even if you aren't pornstar gorgeous(or whatever) you are the most beautiful girl in the world to HIM. There is always someone better than you, there is always someone beneath you. Deal with it, but in this world, he thinks of you like a goddess. Porn is just a fantasy time for guys where we can masturbate till our heads turn purpleish-red and then explode our gooey liquids all over a kleenex. nevertheless, its just fantasy, guys ARE visual creatures afterall.

    • Dude!!!! you rock! I completely just read your answer and that makes me feel a lot better. You give excellent advice!!! :)

    • Haha thanks, I'm recovering from a minor concussion so I wasnt really paying attention lol :P

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  • no

  • he does not watch it for the beautiful women, he watches it because he has (1) no imagination and (2) has a biological function to fulfill.


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