Average guy + guitar + some slightly more than average vocals = hot guy? Please tell me how this works :)

The title mostly explains the question.

Another question, ... What makes a guy hot? or at least, what makes a guy desirable?

Feel free to discuss anything relevant.

Thanks for the answers in advance :)


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  • To a girl who values artistic expression, this would likely be hot. Different girls have different cues that trigger their attraction to a mate. It's hard to explain.

    • That's certainly true, different girls do have different triggers. However I thought that an guy+guitar is typically viewed as hot. I'm guessing you don't completely share the feeling, what do you find that makes a guy hot? (I'm only trying to get a further answer from you because you're anonymous, so don't be afraid to share your thoughts, or comments) :)

    • I tend to find guys who are OK looking, intelligent and have a good sense of humor to be most desirable, personally. Most of them have been athletic to some degree (as am I). Although some people say "oppsites attract," I 've usually tended to have feelings for guys who are similar to be in basic nature, but not identical.

      I've never been into musicians, but I can understand why another girl might swoon for them.

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  • It all depends on what you like, personally I am very artsy/ musical so I find guys who are interested in the same things attractive.

    Whereas I really don't like sport, so a 'sporty guy' would not have the upper hand in my 'hot' meter. ..if that makes sense.

    I think it's all about mutual interests and what different girls are into.

    • If a guy sings to you for you, but he's not the best at singing - does it really matter? It's the thought and meaning that count's right?

    • That'd be cute! .. Well that's just my opinion.

      It'd show that the boy wanted to share something intimate with the girl, that he wants to share a special little moment with her.

      A serenade or original song would be more special, -but that's only what I think :)

  • He may be average looking and all but that does not mean he cannot be charismatic. Someone who exudes confidence is the hottest in my opinion. :)

    • what do you mean by someone who eludes confidence? examples? :)

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    • Thanks for the responses :) So following up, last question, so what does that make a shy guy? A shy guy with good intentions is viewed as...? cute? or something more? or just pathetic?

    • It depends on the girl though really. Some girls find shy guys cute but some will get annoyed. But for me when a guy has good intentions (as long as it's not extreme shyness) I find him cute. Definitely not a turn-off to me, I believe to most of the girls as well. ^^

  • It all depends on the girl and what she finds attractive. The saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is definitely true. Everyone has their own turn ons/offs. Personally I'm not into guys who are musicians. Its attractive that they have a talent, but would it be a big turn on for me? Probably not.

  • awesome, if he has confidence in himself that's always attractive :)

  • I wouldn't say hot but definitely a guy id want to get to know..hot guys are usually just looks not what he can do


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