Do pretty people really have many friends?

Recently, I let myself go a bit (weight gain, and the ugly effects of age) and found that people in general (in college, public spaces) were more likely to approach me and people around me seemed more like "themselves".

I know I am not exactly "pretty" now, but it seems like more guys are comfortable around me and likely to approach me more (the less attractive ones, that is).

This made me think how it is considerably more easier for me to make friends now than it was for me three years ago, when I was very thin, fit, and stylishly adorned, People didn't seem so comfortable around me then and guys in college didn't seem to find me so approachable, and the ones that did approach were good-looking and were mostly caucasian.

If being pretty is supposed to make it easier making friends, why does it seem like it's more easier for me to make friends now (when I don't look good) than it was for me a couple of years ago when I really was considered attractive?

Does this mean that average looking people find it easier to make friends than pretty people?

Because of this thinking, I am a bit guarded when people (Especally guys) want to approach me, I feel like they want to approach me because I look easy to talk to, not necessarily because they find me attractive. I know this sounds weird or conceited, but I really feel bad when people approach me nowadays.

Not to mention, I do have depression and I have problems with my body image, and I think it's getting worse, because ( I know this sounds strange) people seem to find me more approachable now, not in a good sense... makes me feel even uglier because I am now considered average looking enough so that guys (usually the unattractive ones) seem to more easily approach me. I know this makes me sound like an a**hole (my apologies), but does anybody understand what I mean/feel?


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  • I don't think so. Sure it helps, but being pretty can give people some nasty traits and characteristics, and some people might not even wanna be friends with you because they're jealous.


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  • I didn't read all of this sorry but I imagine you might have come across before as unapproachable.

  • yeah, other pretty people


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