Pretty men...Handsome women - can you guess right?

Whoever gets the most guesses correct out of 10 - gets BA :D

Lets see how good your gender radar is...

1. link

2. link

3. link

4. link

5. link

6. link

7. link

8. link

9. link

10. link

Lol - 10's pretty much a given - I just can't believe how pretty they are - naturally :O
Okay whoa whoa 2 girls stressing over this question - Queen of Peen and Beer girls -

This question is in no way to scrutinize these people - the fact that these people are beautiful in representing who they truly are, is why I posted this - to celebrate the fact that they adhere so well to the icon gender they wish to be in some of these cases. Has nothing to do with any mean " you can't fool me."

It's just beautiful and amazing they pull it off so well. is all geeze.

1. Man

2. Man

3. Woman

4. Woman

5. Man

6. Woman

7. Woman

8. Woman

9. Man

10. Man

1 - Non trans guy who was just made up for fun to look like a woman by friend.

2. - Beautiful trans male

3. - Unique non trans girl who dyed hair blue

4. - non trans athletic woman

5. - Gorgeous man from ruPauls drag race

6. - Woman immulating a drag queen from ruPauls drag race

7. - Professional female model

8. - Handsome girl

9. - Pretty emo boy

10. - Male singer from band


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. Man

    2. Man

    3. Woman

    4. Woman

    5. Man

    6. Woman

    7. Woman

    8. Woman

    9. Woman

    10. Man

    This was really hard. Hormones, surgery, and make up make it impossible to tell anything nowadays.

    • I bet I have 0/10? I suck at this lol.

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    • I meant *I am better at thiws than I thought. Also number 5, reminds me of Nicki Minaj in some sort of way. Pretty man :) haha

    • Lol yea he does. He's gorgeous - when I first saw him on TV I was like wow - I want her body lol then he took his wig off and I was like... :O

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What Guys Said 4

  • Ok ill take my best shot here lol

    1. woman

    2. man definitely

    3. Woman

    4. Tough one... ill go with man though

    5. Woman

    6. Another toughie... Girl?

    7. man

    8. Woman, lol

    9. Oh gosh... ill go man

    10. woman

    Six was the toughest one for me lol.

    • 5 out of 10 -

      yea 4 and 6 are kinda hard :P feel free to retry if you like ^^

  • My own answers, without looking at the key...

    1) Looks like Reba to me. Man

    2) That's a mans nose, and Tranny's often go overboard on the lips like that. Man.

    3) Wow the blue hair kind of throws me off. From the lack of a jawline, Woman.

    4) That's Starbuck! How dare you, she doesn't look remotely like a man. Woman.

    5) Looks vaguely like illyana douglas. The lips are a little too big though. Man

    6) Curvy lack of jawline says woman. The coy YouTube nature of the pic hints man. I'll go with Woman.

    7) That's obviously a woman! But if it was that obvious why was it on this list? I will doubtfully and with much surprise say "Man"?

    8) For the same counter-reasons, this very boyish looker will be designated "Woman"

    9) For the same counter-reasons, this very girlish emo will be designated "Man"

    10) I think I've seen this person before as an androgynous model "Man"

    Now checking the key...

    Hmm 9 out of 10. The obvious woman on 7 threw me for a loop.

    • ha ha great guessing and analysis ^^

      Yea I did that purposely with 7 - the model was asked to appear rather androgynous so she threw off a lot of people. Number 6 was hard for other too - nice catch on that one^^

      And number 5 - I can't even believe a guy has a body like that - no photoshop either.

      Good guessing XD

  • This scares me lol I don't even wana guess

    • Lol go ahead, I bet you'll do better than you think ^^

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    • Why the hell am I getting voted down? Stupid ass GaGers.

    • I dunno, I think whoever is offended by this question, not sure how this question is offensive really, is probably doing it.

  • TL;DS

    • What does that mean?

    • Too long; didn't see. But the first few I saw I think it was woman man woman.

    • Ugh no fun :P

      You have 2 out of 3 right btw

What Girls Said 4

  • 1. Girl

    2. Guy

    3. Girl

    4. Girl

    5. Girl

    6. Girl

    7. Girl

    8. Guy

    9. Guy

    10. Guy

  • I don't care about biological sex. They are who they are.

    • aaand it's more than possible that any one of these people is intersexed.

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    • it's all good.

    • Lol oh see, you got this down to a science. I didn't even know there was a difference between sex and gender. The general idea is just male and female is all I really meant :P

      and okay cool ^^

  • #8 is hot.

    • I know right? And I'm not even gay.

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    • Indeed ^^

  • 1. woman 2. man 3. man 4. woman 5. woman 6. man 7. woman 8. woman 9. man 10. man

    • 6 out of 10 - 60% accuracy - highest score so far ^^

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