What do guys think of the thick thighs- itty bitty waist combo?

If a girl has a really tiny waist, flat stomach, and thick toned legs from a sport, what do guys think of that? Do they not like big legs?



What do you think?


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  • I've heard that African American men and Hispanic men - will go more for women with a thicker body ratio - which is why females in both those cultures are praised for thickness.

    White men and Asian men - will go more for smaller framed women, with a bit of meat (more in the breast area, but less in the butt / hip area,)

    Notice that white women are the icons of being really skinny, with a tad of meat here and there - and Asian women are generally small as well.

    Those girls are very thick - the second link I can't even believe that's really her body.

    Looks like someone just photo shopped her ass that big lol

    • This has gotta be true.

    • mhmm - just compare girls from black artist music vids - to girls from white rock vids. Usually the girls in the white rock vids are smaller, with an emphasis on their breast, or just all around petite. Girls in black artist vids - always thick.

      Plus, growing up as a black chick, we celebrated each others' thickness - but my white chick friends would complain about " getting fat " when they started getting little asses.

      Cultural aspects shape a lot of perspective I'd say.

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  • I love a girl with a nice part of thighs and leg... and butt.

  • Hot hot hot

  • Not my thing at all.That just gets wider and bigger as the years go on.


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