Do you think women who get with ugly men doing so out of low self esteem?

In other words, do women place importance on physical looks just as much as men?

Is the fact that women like money just an excuse that men and women use to explain why women get with ugly men?

Is the fact that women get with ugly, broke men because of "confidence" just an excuse that women and men make when really its because of a woman's low self image?

A girl friend of mine explained that only women who are ugly or who have low self esteem get with men who are ugly.

She said "At the end of the day I still have to look at him and not matter how much money he has that doesn't make him look handsome."

So the question becomes, all these "reasons" for why women like men that all have to theoretically do with "power"

Is it all bullsh*t?

Could it be that women who say that they want a man with confidence or any other trait. are just backwards rationalizing because they can't get a man whos good looking?

I don't think that's the case because of my experiences in life.



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  • Women get with abusive men due to low self esteem. Most women with ugly men are either ugly themselves or value something that he has to offer more than they value looks. Not all women are alike, which is why its hard to generalize why some ugly men end up with hot women. I'd say that women's reasons for dating particular men are more varied than men's reasons for dating particular women.

    • "value something that he has to offer more than they value looks."

      Right, but the question is.. are the women that say they value that "something" the same type of woman that says the man whos abusing her also has great qualities?

    • Like I said, there are so many reasons that a woman might choose to date a man that it's hard to generalize. I'm sure some women date ugly guys because they have low self esteem or because they honestly can't get a great looking partner. Nobody, men or women, is entitled to someone hot.

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  • Sometimes, or the guy might have a great personality & she looks past looks. I actually watched a documentary about a series of studies on male-female attraction & most people end up dating people that are around the same attractiveness level as themselves.

    • Thats true. Because of various reasons. Some of those reasons could include low self image.

      For instance, sometimes women date men who are uglier than them because they feel safe that the man won't cheat on them, and they get somekind of power feeling over the man.

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    • many people will unintentionally sabotage their relationships or interactions with members of the opposite gender if they don't think they are worth being with them.

      Even if they are just as hot or hotter than them physically.

  • Well, do guys get with ugly girls because they think an ugly girl might be easier than a gorgeous girl? Ugly guys are not necessarily "easier" than handsome guys. Ugly girls are not necessarily easier than gorgeous girls. Looks play no part in ANYTHING. We discussed this a long time ago, Superdudeman. Remember?

  • No. We settle for hot arrogant assholes when we have low self-esteem.

  • Do guys spend a lot of money on hotter women due to low self esteem?

    • No. Men and people in general will do the very minimum to achieve their goals.

      In other words they only do so because they think that's what it will take to get her into bed.

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  • A women who isn't ugly herself will only date ugly men if they have something to offer. Those ugly men will need to be rich or in positions of power and even celebrities, but if he's an ugly nobody with no money there's noway a women would date and have sex with an ugly man.


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