Eye contact during sex, what does it mean?

When having sex with someone you've talked to for years and cared about does prolonged eye contact mean anything? Same with kissing?

Like both time we had sex he stares into my eyes the majority of the time even while kissing his eyes are open looking into mine.

And this time we had sex he made out with me before, during, and after...

Are these signs that he cares about me? The first time a year ago we had sex he barely kiss me at all, but the eye contact was stll there.

We don't live in the same area so we aren't boyfriend and gf...but he did say we would be going out if I lived where he did, but then turned around 3wkks later and says the opposite..

im confused.


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  • That's really confusing... why don't you just ask HIM? :)


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